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What are candidates saying about homelessness?

LATEST 23-11-10: Read the Liberal Party’s response to the It Takes a Home… candidate questionnaire from Wendy Lovell , Member for Northern Victoria Region

19-11-10: Read the Sex Party’s response to the It Takes a Home… candidate questionnaire from Merinda Davis, candidate for the Western Metropolitan Region

12-10-2010: Read the Greens Party response to the It Takes a Home… candidate questionnaire from Colleen Hartland, MLC, Member for Western Metropolitan Region

5-10-2010: Read the Labor Party’s response to the It Takes a Home… candidate questionnaire from these State Members:

  • Hon John Brumby Member for Broadmeadows , Premier of Victoria (ALP)
  • Marsha Thomson, Member for Footscray (ALP)
  • Wade Noonan, Member for Williamstown (ALP)
  • Jenny Mikakos, Member for Metropolitan Region (ALP)
  • Jill Hennessey, Member for Altona (ALP)
  • Hon Lisa Neville, Member for Bellarine (ALP)
  • Maxine Morand, Member for Waverly (ALP)
  • Tim Pallas, Member for Tarneit (ALP)
  • Martin Foley, Member for Albert Park (ALP)
  • Jude Perera, Member for Cranbourne District (ALP)
  • Janice Munt, Member for Mordialloc (ALP)
  • John McNally, Member for Hawthorn (ALP)
  • Colin Brooks, Member for Bundoora (ALP)
  • Vanessa Langford, Candidate for Rodney (ALP)
  • Rob Hudson, Member for Bentleigh (ALP)
  • Sharon Knight, Candidate for Ballarat West (ALP)

    Email us any responses from candidates and we’ll publish them on this website.

    Campaign partners requested meetings with several candidates. The following Members agreed to meet regarding the campaign:

    • Hon John Brumby Member for Broadmeadows, Premier of Victoria (ALP)
    • Richard Wynne, Member for Richmond (ALP)
    • Wendy Lovell, Member for Northern Victoria (LIB)
    • Maxine Morand, Member for Mount Waverly (ALP)
    • Jacinta Allen, Member for Bendigo East (ALP)
    • Nick Wakeling, Member for Ferntree Gully (LIB)
    • Robert Clark, Member for Box Hill (LIB)

    Earlier this year, The Age Melbourne Magazine published responses by Premier John Brumby and Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu to a range of questions from prominent Victorians. CHP Chairperson and CEO of Sacred Heart Mission, Michael Perusco, asked: “Will you commit to the federal government’s goal of halving homelessness by 2020, and to making the necessary investment to achieve that?”

    BRUMBY: “We’re making huge investments in this area already. Our Elizabeth Street (affordable housing) project is probably the best example of that, which is based on the New York model, Common Ground. Certainly, I support 100 per cent the Prime Minister’s goal to halve homelessness by 2020.”

    BAILLIEU: “The federal government has set aside a lot of money for social housing and that has proceeded, with some concerns about planning issues, but I don’t have a problem with it as an aspirational goal. But to achieve that sort of goal, we have to make sure our economy continues to flourish so that we have the resources to provide assistance.”